#BigDamJourney WEEK 1

Big Dam Run Journey Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of our #BigDamJourney training schedule! Even if you’re not a regular runner or you’ve never completed a 5K before, this plan is for you! It’s designed to build your endurance and work your muscles at a gradual pace so that you’re primed for race day without getting too worn down or injured! 

As you can see from our chart schedule, Week 1 alternates between Rest Days and Run Days. The “on” days consist of 60/90 interval repeats. This means that you jog for 60 seconds and follow up with 90 seconds of walking. You can repeat this until you reach 20 minutes total.

Starting off slow and easy is a good strategy to prevent injury and get your body used to working muscle groups it doesn’t normally utilize.

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